PVB Film



PVB films are produced by sophisticated manufacture machines with most update technology know how.

  • Purified Water Tanks provide Sufficient Amount of Water for PVB Resins Cleaning
    Purified Water Tanks
  • PVB Resin Silos
    PVB Resins Silos
  • PVB Resins are Carefully Treated prior to Extrusion
    PVB Resins Treatment
  • PVB Reactor
  • PVB Film Extruded with Flat Die of Advanced Extruding Machine
  • PVB Film Carefully Measured & Controlled after Extrusion
    Film Thickness Measurement
  • Particles Removed from PVB Interlayer
    Particles Removing
  • Chromatograph for PVB Quality Control
    Chromatograph for Quality Control
  • Shaded Band PVB Film Production
    Shaded Band
    Film Production