PVB Film



  • Safe Shatter Proof PVB Film Laminated Glass
  • Penetration Proof PVB Film Laminated or Armour Glass Provides Security
  • Anti-UV additives of PVB Blocks & Prevents Damaged UV from Penetrating
  • Acoustic Proof PVB Film Laminated Glass provides Comfort Environment

Annealed glass, heat-strengthened or tempered glass can be used to produce laminated glass. While laminated glass will crack if struck with sufficient force, the resulting glass fragments tend to adhere to the interlayer rather than falling free and potentially causing injury. In practice, the interlayer provides following beneficial properties to laminated glass panes.

  • The PVB film functions to distribute impact forces across a greater area of the glass panes and thus increasing the impact resistance of the glass.
  • The interlayer functions to bind the resulting shards if the glass is ultimately broken.
  • The viscoelastic interlayer undergoes plastic deformation during impact and under static loads after impact, absorbing energy and reducing penetration by the impacting object as well as reducing the energy of the impact that is transmitted to impacting object, e.g. a passenger in a car crash.
  • The film contains of UV stabilizing additives. Thus, it blocks and prevents UV from passing through.
  • The film absorbs sound. It is an outstanding acoustic barrier. Thus, laminated glass provides excellent sound proof for window and door.